I am urgently looking for wrapping moving paper that's gently used. Will pick up
WETSUIT for women, size 9/10, SHORT or LONG, 3:2 THX!
Hi - if you have any small pots for plants, mason jars, or containers that could be used for starter plants, I'll take them off your hands. I drive Old Topanga Canyon Road every day to/from work in Calabasas so I can come to you.
Moving - If anyone has any boxes they no longer need, please let me know..
Wanted walk-through gate with small door for kitty.
We need a car seat for a 2 yr old girl in good condition Thanks
If you have any terra cotta pots, 6 inches or bigger, laying around, we would love to give them a good home. My 11-year-old is planting up a storm. Thank you in advance!
Hi there - does anyone have a swiffer mop, or a similar type of floor cleaning utensil, taking up space in their cleaning closet? We would appreciate having it! Thanks
Hi there... Maybe you are a Photographer getting rid of old equipment?? If so, I would love whatever you have... Currently, Im looking for a Soft box lighting kit.. With Gratitude!!
I need a car seat for a 2 year old girl. In good condition I will appreciate it. Thank you
I'm putting together a Pink Ladies type of Halloween costume like from the movie "Grease". I need a pair of ladies black and white saddle shoes. Size 9 or 10 will be great! Thank you!
Hello! I m looking for some columnar cacti like san pedro similar to emoji
Seeking a book shelf of any size that is in good condition. Thank you!
Looking for an infant and or toddler stroller for newborn. travel system would be ideal.
My daughter's Girl Scouts troop is collecting gently used Halloween costumes for families in need. Do you have any old costumes that don't fit? Old dance recital costumes taking up space? My daughter is passionate about helping others and giving children the same opportunities that she has. We can come by and pick it up. Please send me a message. Thanks!!!
I'm looking for clean moving boxes in good/decent shape of all sizes. Needed for a move at the end of Oct. Thank you!!!
In need of lots of moving boxes & packing supplies.
I am need of anything superhero...little plastic toy figures,cards,decorations,puzzles, pictures etc for a preschool curriculum project. I need them as soon possible.
knee brace for woman. (left knee if it makes a difference) really appreciated. hoping to hold off surgery, so may just borrow
Looking for large or extra large dog door that goes in a slider thank you!
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