psychic life coach

Spiritual sandra is a Spiritual Psychic, Empath, Scryer, Clairaudient, Channeler, as well as, a Clairvoyant. She is also an ordained Minister and knowledgeable of many religions. She became aware of her psychic sensitivity at a young age and learned how to listen to this inner guide. She has dedicated her life to developing of her gifts. She is a top reader for a MAJOR psychic network now and has 20 years of experience!! The radiant, white light of love and psychic energy continuously surrounds her. With the help of her spirit guides, Sandra can gaze into the mirror of your life, giving you specific details with great accuracy. She will use all of her abilities to help you on your life's path. Very skilled in love, relationships, and career advice, a psychic reading with sandra opens the door that will connect you to the other worlds and your personal destiny! (818)201-8794
Updated 11-Jun-2016